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PostSubject: About the Store   Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:15 am

I will guess at some of the questions you may have about the store I promised you on the FAQ page.
Where is the store now?

-It currently does not exist, but is being worked on as we speak. I have been having some trouble getting the designs/pictures onto the t-shirst, and am completely flabbergasted at how to make pins and mugs.

What kinds of merchandise are you planning on selling?

-well, from what you learned from the prior questions, shirts, mugs, and pins. But I also plan on selling hard copies of Mad-gic Science when I get enough pages made.

Why would I want to buy the comic on book form when it is free on the web?

-This is a tricky question... The best way I can explain it is the comic you see on the internet is my "rough draft" of the story. I am (at this moment) redrawing the entire comic in extremely high detail, and coloring each page. You will also be getting bonus pages in the hard copy, with author comments of how I feel about the story, pages, etc.

Why are you posting the rough draft on the internet and not the final product?

-Well, the I really enjoy making the comic quick and easy so I can get a lot of pages out at once, but for it to be actually published, it has to be very carefully made. In the hard copy, it is taking at least a week to make one page. And I know nobody likes waiting that long for the comic to update on that schedule (I know I don't). And with the "rough" pages up, it helps me concentrate and make the full page, full colored comic look that much better. The comic is not a strip, or half page story, but full pages.

-And if you are getting everything you see here on the internet, there would be no reason for you to buy the book (and I am a poor artist... and making the comic costs money. All profits from the store goes strait to improving the comic)

When can we expect the store to open up?

- Embarassed I cannot say... I have been having technical difficulties with the shirts and stuff, and the comic itself takes forever to draw out the final draft... I have not date to say. But everyone will be notified when it does!

If you are confused about the store, ask away and I will answer any and all quesitons!
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About the Store
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